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In 2016, one of our members Hannah Elsom sadly passed away.  Her family took part in numerous fundraising efforts including a sky dive and raised a massive £10,000.  Hannah’s dad asked the trustees who were on the board at the time if some of the money could be used to update our children’s AMC books and also asked them to come up with an idea which would honour the legacy of Hannah.  After much thinking and bringing ideas forward the trustees voted on giving the trophy to the most innovative fundraiser each year.

Each year just before the family weekend the secretary gives the names of all those who have fundraised throughout the year to the trustees and they all nominate someone to win the trophy.  The person with the most votes is our winner.  

We started this tradition in 2018 and it have continued since.  


Pawel Ziemba


Yanooshe Team

Bartosz Krawiecki


UK was in lockdown due to Corona Virus.  This years winners was presented in 2021 instead.  


Laura Kelly and Zach Russell


Bradley Cole

Lincolnshire Police

(Winners of 2021 but presented in 2022)


Mark Jones

The Bumble Bee

The Red Kite

(winners of 2022 but presented in 2023)

Robert Kelly & Birtwistles Catering Butchers

(winners of 2023)

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